Nutcases - Fair Trade and Organic

Sapindus Mukorossi is a tree which produces a berry like fruit.  When the shell of this 'fruit' is dried, you get Soap Nuts!  Mother natures fantastic little invention for washing clothes, hair, carpets - well, just about anything!  
* Being 100% natural means there are no reactions for sensitive skin or other allergies.  
* Not containing chemicals means your grey water can go straight out onto your garden.  
* Being Fair Trade, you needn't worry about where they are coming from.
* Suitable for all types of clothes washing, from Nappies to Delicates.  
* Hot or Cold Water.  
* Front or Top Loader.
* Old or New Machines.
* Hard or Soft Water.
Our product is the best soap nut we could find.  Light Golden and Plump, full of soap.  We are also thrilled that our 'Nutcases' are certified organic and Fair Trade.
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