"" I purchased a Coffee and vanilla body Scrub a few weeks ago and started using it as soon as it arrived. I am loving it. The scent is delicious and my skin is feeling smoother. I am loving it.

Lauren Zonneveld
"" i have quite few of the kussens products and i love them all 
i brougth the Vit E gel a few weeks ago and recently i burnt my leg and it has worked wonders =] oh and i love ALL the lip salves :D
""I recently purchased quite a few products and love them all!! The nag champa shampoo and conditioner and coffee and vanilla scrub make my shower time delightful. Thats reminds me...need to go and have a clay mask :-) Thanks...will be buying more in the future ♥

"" the frangipani shampoo and conditioner is absolutely divine! i love the smell of it and my hair loves it too. so glad to have found it :) the nicest shampoo and conditioner i have ever used by far and it goes beautifully with the frangipani solid perfume which i also love. so subtle rather than overpowering. it is lovely. i am so happy to have found a perfume that is safe and does not give me a headache, yet is totally affordable. and convenient to carry in a bag too :)

"" Purchased the Nag Champa Shampoo & conditioner set. My hair feels and SMELLS great now. Will be trying out the other scents!!!

"" I forgot to mention the Avocado Moisturiser. It took my skin a few days to adjust, but I love it and I don't have to use very much. Will definately be ordering some more when it runs out! Great product and great price! lv Lee-Anne

"" I swear by Kussens Nutcases as a great way to wash clothes for people like me and my family who have sensitive skin! I'm also in love with the Vanilla oil that I add to my wash everytime as well as it makes the clothes smell lovely and scents the whole house even :D 5 stars from this happy itch free family :D

"" Hi, I received today your gorgeous Soap Nuts, purchased from Foxes of Fancy! Great motivation to get my washing done!! Washed my grubby little one's clothes and they have come out clean. Magic!

"" I have soap nuts to last me a year. I purchased these ages ago. Recently I bought Lavender Vanilla shampoo and conditioner. I hid them away, or so I thought from the teenage son. Well he found them, used them +++++ far more then he required, and stated the conditoner is also a good body wash as it makes him smell good. Now I do not advocate the use of them for a body wash, but we do love them

"" I purchased the unscented shampoo & conditioner and they're great! It's so nice to be able to have products that don't have added scents that might cause us some skin problems.

"" Great products & great service. Loving the Lemon, lime & grapefruit hand wash, neroli hydrosol & the soapnuts. Looking forward to trying out more of your products. AAA+++

"" I bought some dead sea mud, and its cleared my skin up beautifully for my wedding! I cant thank you enough


"" Received my parcel today. Step one : Ripped into my parcel and danced around the room!! Step Two : Trying to decide who got the bath first Me or the Dogs!! Dogs Won of course (due to torrential rain in Adelaide lol) and now they Smell great and their HAIR is soooooo FLUFFY ♥'ing the Rosemary Shampoo for them. My turn next and i am also ♥'ing the Tangerine and West Indian Lime Body Scrub. Step Three : Popped my new SOAP NUTS in the washing machine and my life is now complete!!!!!!!! Thank you Kussen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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